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VP / Finance

This year we have three new Directors, individuals who support the team by donating their time to manage the legal and financial responsibilities of a non-profit organization. Welcome our new Directors: Kat Quinto (Vice-President and Finance, Delwin Leung (Secretary), and Rich Maher.

Also joining us this year is our new Co-Captain, Crystal Wang.

Season Kick off is Feb 19 with March 5 (the first weekend of March) the 1st day of land training.

The 2011 race season as of Jan 1st 2011 is:

  • Tempe March 26 & 27
  • Long Beach Spring Race aka Baby Long Beach May 1
  • Vancouver June 11 & 12
  • Long Beach July 30 & 31
  • Lake Gregory August 21
  • San Francisco September 17 & 18
  • San Diego October 22 & 23
  • PDBA Qualifiers (Oct TBA)
  • Season End Banquet Nov 19

2011 Kickoff Video

LARD Silliness

by Kenny Kim (Mar 14, 2011)


Otto's cake

The week leading up to our Kickoff weekend was very wet but the weather cleared up for both Saturday and Sunday, allowing us great weather to eat good food with good friends.

While we were unable to gather footage of the best dunking ever, what you missed was Jeff performing an EPIC high speed tackle/dunking of Otto. The energy of impact sent Otto flying ten feet back. Leon and Wynne brought him a cute little birthday cake to celebrate his dunking or birthday, whichever is more important.


Meghan leads the way

We even had some creative methods of emptying the last of the whipped cream cans.

Joining LARD

by Eric Song (Mar 14, 2011)


Potluck heaven

I officially joined LARD shortly before the 2011 season opener. It can be overwhelming when you suddenly meet a bunch of new faces at the same time, but the team did a very good and friendly job of making me feel welcome. On the day of the season kick-off/potluck, I met even more LARDerners (is that right?) and it was a blast meeting them and eating the awesome potluck food. People are friendly, interesting and did I mention they can really cook and bake? Pulled pork, pies, bacon wraps, stews, cookies, oh how you tempt me so. So not only are these people friendly human beings, hardcore competitors and dedicated teammates, they can also whip up a mean pie. It was a great practice to start off the season with only more intense practices coming up! Can’t wait! Walking without a limp is overrated anyways. Things will only get better from here and I can’t wait until the season gets into full swing. The journey has only begun and I’m glad that I am a part of it.


Enjoying a meal after a challenging practice