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Season Kick-Off


2010 Season Begins

Welcome to the 13th Season

Leon & Wynne


Welcome to the [unofficial] start to the 2010 season. I hope you all had a great holiday break filled with fun, family, and relaxation. But it's time to awake from the deep slumber. We had a fantastic season last year. And as you are all aware, its success did not come without strong commitments from all of you, commitment to yourselves to be in your best shape.

With the imminent land training that will be upon us shortly (February) when the season officially begins, I would encourage you to get a "leg up" on the challenging workouts by getting yourselves in good cardio shape. Team leaders have been organizing informal runs before and after our practices to encourage the fitness transition. As through the offseason, I'll be leading a run on Sunday, after the on-water practice.

Also, important! As you are all aware with water conditions following rain, and reports of some rain through the week, take appropriate steps to guard yourself against bacteria, germs, or the possibility of communicable diseases, etc. Wynne was not careful enough, sitting next to Yonnie and with casual contact through the season (standard precautions of glove and mask highly recommended), and caught the dreaded pregnancy! As a consequence, we will be having our first child in July of this year, just in time for Baby Cheng to witness our Long Beach race.

You have all been warned!

In truth and all joking aside, we are excited and proud to share this news with all of you, who we consider our close family.

Much love,

Leon and Wynne

Ready to Kick-off?

Lori Skelton


First Practice

Team LARD:

Are you ready to kick off this season right? LARD's 2010 Season Opener & BBQ is Saturday, February 20th. This is a great day to bring out any new paddlers to participate in the LARD experience and introduce them to the sport of Dragon Boating.

For those of you who have paid your dues and turned in your waivers, we are truly appreciative. For those of you that have not paid your dues, or turned in your waivers, you may do so before the opening day as well.

Watch for more emails regarding important events and dates.

I am truly excited to start my fifth season with LARD and look forward to another wonderful year.

Thank you.